Import from India into the USA


There are several ways to import from India into the USA and has been a practice that has been going on for a long time with a wide variety of products.This is one good example of global trading and many of those items imported from India to the United States of America are among the most common ones that you see around you everyday but may not be taking very good notice of it.

 Top ten India imports to the United States

The reasons why the United States is importing from other countries like India is due to a demands of certain commodities that may not be abundantly available in the US, but can be easily supplied by other countries.India for example, supplies a lot of different commodities into the US, ranging from common day to day items to raw materials for industries and manufacturing.

Precious stones are the top US import from India

Based on the most recent list of top imports to the US from India are precious stones like gems, which is the first on the list, followed by pharmaceutical products, oil, machinery, textiles in the form of ready- to- wear clothing, fabrics, organic chemicals, knitted or crocheted clothing materials, vehicles and iron and other steel products.India’s imports account for 2 percent of the US’s overall imports. Topping the list are precious stones, which account for $9.8 billion worth of precious gems every year.Whole some of these precious stones are imported as jewelry, majority of the imports from this sector involves raw gemstones that still need to be processed and cut for retail and how jewelry dealers sell for jacked up prices with the final results.

How the US imports from India

All countries are bound by global trade agreements that allow it to supply commodities and products needed by other countries. The same goes with India if it needs products for consumer and public consumption that may be supplied by other countries.In order for India to import goods and products to the US, it needs to pass through several regulations when it comes to product standards and quality of the products being shipped over for importation by the US.As trade negotiations are being done, importers are already in the process of facilitating documentary and other regulatory requirements with local and international authorities.Products that are being supplied for importation need to pass through stringent quality and product standards to get the approval for shipment to the US.

 Import from India to the USA becomes a strategic trade partnership.

This is how it works in the global market. Countries like India supply many of the needs of American households and industries which the US along could not amply supply, thus turn to other countries like India to meet that demand.In order to maintain good global trading relations, India makes sure that they protect the importation quota of the US by ensuring that only the best and high quality products are properly sent over.

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