Dispose of Hazardous Waste properly


Many people may not be fully aware of it, but most of the time people ignore the existence of hazardous wastes that can be damaging to health unless it is disposed of properly.Hazardous waste is a part of your everyday life. You use it almost every time. You use it from cleaning to scenting. The problem that you are facing right now is the container and the residue it leaves.Examples of these hazardous wastes range from spent disposable batteries, dry powder to liquid substances that may also come in spray type aerosol cans to toxic fumes from stored containers. Not properly disposing of these chemical containers may result in a serious threat to the environment.Knowing that hazardous wastes  pose a serious threat to our health and the environment, we need to know of ways to dispose of them.

The dangers of hazardous waste

Improper disposal of hazardous waste can cause serious damage. Daily minimal intake of fumes will endanger our health in the long run. Improper disposal of hazardous waste even in small amounts but on a daily basis can cause the intoxication of the environment that we live in.You need to have the basic knowledge to get rid of these garbage before you cause harm to your health and the environment. Here are some ways that may help you dispose of hazardous waste.

Know the proper ways to dispose of hazardous waste


Knowing what type of hazardous waste you are using will help you dispose of it properly. It will be easier for you to dispose of these hazardous wastes.Read the instructions written on the label. Learn how to dispose of these hazardous waste properly. If some information is missing, you can always contact the proper authorities to ask for help.

A Neutralize if necessary

Some hazardous wastes are too strong to directly dispose of. We need to lessen their contents or simply neutralize them. To neutralize an industrial chemical, you need to know if it is an acid or a base type. Use a pH meter to determine whether the chemical is a base or an acid, it’s important that you can tell the difference between both. You can also use pH paper. Take note before you neutralize hazardous waste, you need to protect yourself from the possible products of the neutralizing process. Wear protective gloves and facemask with a clean or new filter.To neutralize strong acidic industrial chemicals, you need sodium hydroxide. In a wide container, put lots of ice. Then put another small container where you will be neutralizing the acidic chemical. Stir the chemical slowly and constantly while you add the neutralizer. Remember to just slowly add sodium hydroxide while stirring because it will produce heat. Continue adding and stirring until the acidic chemical is neutralized.To neutralize basic hazardous waste , you will need hydrochloric acid. Same as neutralizing acidic hazardous waste , you will need a wide container with ice and a small container inside. Stir the chemical slowly while carefully adding the neutralizer. The process produces heat so wear the proper protective gears as mentioned before.

Contacting the proper waste disposal authorities

You cannot dispose of other hazardous wastes personally at home. You will need the assistance of your local waste disposal management.  Contact them so that you can properly dispose of hazardous wastes you do not need.

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